There are many reasons you may seek Naturopathic care:


- diagnosed or undiagnosed problems

- digestive issues

- skin complaints

- menstrual irregularities

- headaches

- allergies & sensitivities

- recurrent infections

- heart health

- pain & inflammation

- sleep problems

- mood and/or stress concerns

- weight management goals

- pregnancy & fertility

- infants & children (with parent/ carer present)

- surgery recovery

- side effects of medications


... and so much more

There are many natural ways to nourish your health:


- diet recommendations & eating habits

- food as medicine for optimal requirements

- nutrient supplement (if assessed as deficient)

- herbal teas promoting recovery

- herbal tonics to enhance healing health

- herbal tablets for preferred form

- flower essences to support emotional aspects

- topical cream for specific application

- time management suggestions

- breathing techniques

- sleep hygiene hints for better rest

- lifestyle changes for a better you

- exercise & fitness planning

- detoxification & cleansing programs

- simple home/ garden ingredients to include

- recognition of barriers to your health

- committment to follow your path


...for everyday health!


To book an appointment, Contact Jodie



Jodie! Thank you so much for wanting to learn all about me from the inside out; from the top of my head to to the tips of my toes; and deep inside my mind and emotions. It was such an 'aaahhhh' moment for me to have a professional and gorgeous clever lady 'get me' and all my human processes and to also explain them to me in an understanding and nurturing way. You have helped me to become more aware of myself; my body and my mind.... and that's really quite amazing.

(V.W. 2014)



 Hampton Clinic Hours:

By Appointment:

Weekdays & Weekends


​Infants, children & adults 


Private health rebates


Eftpos available


Payment required on day of appointment


Cancellation must be 24 hours in advance to avoid 50% fee

Contact Jodie:




Above Aunt Maggies

446 Hampton St

Hampton 3188


0407 161 418



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