Meet Jodie:


Jodie Grundmann BHSc Nat 

Bachelor of Health Science, Naturopathy 





Hi, I’m Jodie Grundmann, I consult in a private room above Aunt Maggies Health Store in the heart of Hampton Street. In consultation I aim to provide you advice, support and treatment, whether your health issue is new, been nagging at you for years, or simply for everyday health.


After years of study and raising a young family, I understand the complex pressures that can affect us in everyday life. Some things feel beyond our control and comprehension, or can seem such a challenge that perhaps you feel lost and overwhelmed about where to start...


Start with a commitment to yourself! Healing from within is the innate power that a human body possesses. Sometimes we just need a reminder about getting back to basics, or support to get through testing times!


Come in for a consultation to discover how I can assist. Contact me to book an appointment today.

Initial Consultation fee: $95 for 1.5 hour

Follow up Consultation fee: $60

(student and child concessions available upon request)

* Fees are subject to change

Jodie Grundmann